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SAVA Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Need various kinds of pipe plugs and other supply products for utility or commercial project maintenance? has what you're looking for, whether it’s a small pipe system or a large one. We can provide a range of well-designed, high-quality pipe plugs, as well as inflatable pipe bandages and leak sealing bags. All our standard proprietary formula rubber pipe plugs are also available in chemical-resistant chloroprene. Whether you need to plug municipal, commercial, high-pressure, or large diameter pipes, we have the Kevlar-reinforced rubber pipe plugs you need ready for rent or purchase.

All SAVA inflatable pipe plugs are manufactured in Slovenia.
SAVA is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of advanced rubber products. These plugs are molded of special NR-SBR rubber, reinforced with Kevlar tire cording. All pipe plugs are test-designed at three times their working pressure (required inflation pressure) to ensure durability and safety.

SAVA Commercial Series Inflatable Pipe Plugs
These small, lightweight pipe plugs work for various types of industrial pipes. Our commercial plugs use standard tire valves for inflation.

Both blocking and bypass plugs are economical and lightweight plugs which will effectively stop flow, but bypass plugs feature a cap that allows you reduce line pressure before removing the plug or with the available test adapters you can accurately determine current flow-through or pressure test the line to help figure out where the problem lies. These useful plugs are easily inflated and feature standard tire valves.
SAVA Municipal Series Inflatable Pipe Plugs
These municipal pipe plugs are available with or without bypass and will fit various applications. Bypass plugs allow users to remove the cap for flow-through testing. Municipal pipe plugs will work effectively in pipes ranging from 3 inches to 72 inches. These plugs are made out of NR-SBR rubber and are reinforced with Kevlar for durability, which is a way to provide longer lasting and sturdier products for tough jobs. This unique rubber formulation is also lightweight and flexible which is very important during tricky installations.

Other Products
In addition to inflatable pipe plugs, we also offer other specialty inflatable items for your pipe projects. If you have a leaking pipe or container for example, use our inflatable pipe bandages until you’re able to fix the problem more permanently.
SAVA Large Diameter Inflatable Pipe Plugs
Need an inflatable pipe plug for a difficult-to-access pipe? Then these are perfect for the job and are excellent for sewer systems and very large pipes. Our pillow-style plugs are designed to be folded when deflated so you can fit them down a standard manhole. These pipe plugs are designed to be inserted into pipe openings that are a third the size of the main piping.
Sizes for pillow-style plugs range from 2 feet to 10 feet in diameter, and weigh from 40 to 829 pounds. These plugs are made with SAVA's NR-SBR rubber formulation and reinforced with Kevlar. Much like our other pneumatic pipe plugs, they can be purchased or rented with or without a bypass for flow-through testing.



When you need high-quality, well-engineered, and pressure-rated rental tools online, has you covered. In addition to our large product catalog, we proudly provide excellent customer service. We want to build a lasting relationship with all our customers, whether you’re renting or buying our pipe plugs and other specialty tools. Contact us now to see how we can help you.