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Subsalve USA Lift Bags began with a one-of-a-kind assignment from the US Navy to develop a flotation device that would dependably withstand particularly abusive conditions. Since then, many styles and features have grown from that original effort.

Enclosed Flotation Bags are incredibly versatile and can be used for many types of flotation needs, and are especially useful in situations where objects need to be brought close to the surface. They can be used in any position – upright or flat, outside or inside of structures. Each bag will have a stainless steel 1/4 inch quick-connect for inflation and a 3/4" ball valve for inflation or deflation. There are endless rigging combinations. These enclosed bags are frequently used for vessel salvage, automobile recovery, and many types of emergency situations involving ships, aircraft, submersibles and ROVs.
  Salvage Pontoons are enclosed, cylindrically-shaped bags that are designed for shallow water salvage, reducing the draft of a vessel, or raising an object closer to the surface. Lift capacities up to 100,000 pounds are available for any size job, even the biggest! Salvage Pontoons are also useful in cable and pipeline operations, or where when a vessel is rigged for long towing operations. These pontoons are available in both the standard cylinder shape and elongated tubes. Subsalve bags incorporate a replaceable, heavy-duty nylon webbing lift harness built into the body of the lift bag, and all bags have a safe working ratio of 6:1. The harness arrangement in the pontoons maintain the bag in a horizontal position while insuring maximum stability. 

CAUTION: Salvage Pontoons have multiple attachment points. All attachment points must be connected with the shackles provided, and the load evenly distributed. Large pontoons require a separate lifting beam to evenly distribute the load.

  Commercial Lift Bags are great for use from small craft and divers around the world depend on them because they are tough enough to last a lifetime but are also small and lightweight. These smaller bags are ideal for use in light salvage, object recovery, and scientific applications. Open bottom design allows for self venting during ascent. Commercial Lift Bags have a plunger dump valve activated by a push bottom knob at the top of the bag or via lanyard at bottom of bag. 

Subsalve's most versatile and easy-to-use lift bags are the Professional Lift Bags. Like the Commercial Lift Bags, these open-bottom, parachute-shaped bags have a single attachment point and are easy to use. These heavy-duty bags are most often found in construction, salvage work, and many other deep water tasks. These bags provide maximum lifting capacity with the least total bag weight.

All Subsalve lift bags are equipped with shackles, valves, and all necessary hardware ready for immediate use. Each is tested prior to shipping, and must pass rigorous U.S. Department of Defense standards. Rental Tools Online is the #1 on-line distributor of Subsalve products; Rentals and Sales. We offer lift bags, salvage pontoons, enclosed pillow bags, and the vehicle recovery system. All sizes up to 100,000 lbs. available. Great rental rates!